Weekly Newsletter: Change is a comin’ AMIS-CP!

Sweet Butterflies sunbathing on a beautiful day! 

This week as you came into the school to drop off your kids, you probably noticed 3 rather large squares of paint on the wall.  No, this is not one of the kid’s summer camp projects, even though that would be silly!  We are actually painting the front desk area of school!  This is just the beginning of many changes you will slowly see around campus as we continue to create a special community for our children.  On the wall you also got to get a sneak peek at the new logo!  We have been working diligently to re-brand the school in a way that is modern and contemporary yet timeless. We are so excited to be getting closer and closer to the big reveal of not only a new logo, website, and Facebook Page but also a new name! 

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
— Gail Sheehy

Change can be difficult and unnerving but change can also be exciting, bringing great joy and new life! Next week is the targeted time to roll out our new “face” so to speak so be on the look out!


Next Week’s Theme: Amazing Animals

In other news...

IMFE Explained

Through the years have faintly heard of a thing called IFME but weren’t sure exactly what it was? You know it’s connected to the annual auction the school does each year but what is IFME?  As we gear up for the Fall and for fundraising. I had Wayne do a little write about not only what IFME is but why it is vital to our school.

The International Foundation for Montessori Education (IFME) is an independent, non-profit organization 501c(3) set up in September 2011 with an international and a local mission. It is committed to supporting children's education and staff development both at AMIS and at international Montessori -based schools worldwide.

It's prime objective for the past three years has been to organize an auction to raise money 

and provide needs-based scholarships to AMIS students. Additional IFME goals have been to raise money for enhancements to the AMIS playgrounds and to support AMI Montessori Development in Kenya refugee camps.

IFME is very important to our school community because it is an independent organization that chooses to work closely with our school to achieve IFME objectives.  Currently, our school is a for profit organization, so if someone were to give directly to the school they would not receive the same tax benefits as giving to a non-profit.  When people give to IFME they are able to receive tax incentives thus increasing our chances to raise funds both within the school and without. 

As I mentioned before, in the past the IFME Board has chosen to raise funds mostly for scholarships BUT is not limited to only that.  It is my hope that IFME will choose to raise funds that we need as a school community, whether that be scholarships, new playground equipment, teacher education or the creation of a new Elementary Program on our campus.  This organization really gives us limitless possibilities when it comes to fundraising.

IFME operates with a volunteer board of directors, made up of parents and staff who meet as often as necessary, typically once a month, to determine policy and to guide the direction of the funds raised through IFME. 

We are currently seeking board members to assist in reviewing the IFME objectives and help in planning how to achieve the agreed goals. 

If you are interested in serving on the IFME board or would like to learn more about it, please contact me at: latoya.tucciarone@atlantamontessorischool.org 


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